Hardcore Wanna Be!

So this is how the running life has played out! Today I ran for 90 minutes, a distance of 12.3 kms. It was all on the forgiving west end. The temperature had dropped overnight and there was a constant breeze coming off the bay.

When I returned to running after two days off I had two days of running for 90 minutes and about 12 kms. Yesterday I ran for half an hour for 6 kms. Even though I had said that I wanted to avoid doing a short run every second day, it is a schedule that works well health wise. I drank a 500 ml bottle of water before I started today’s run. I also had a 250 ml bottle of apple juice for the hour mark on the run. I also am very gently and slowly starting to pick up the pace a bit. That process will require my focus and concentration. Currently I am running at a rate of 1 km every 7.5 minutes. It should be at 5 minutes per km. That means that I need to run the 12 kms. in 61 minutes instead of 90 minutes. It is nearly 5 weeks until the race on August 31, 2017.

I saw a pair of cyclists and then a single bike. I also saw the Canada Post Delivery car and maybe 5 or 6 other cars. Today was a warm, breezy day.