Life On An Island

My adventure has returned to the idyllic place that I first enjoyed last summer/fall when my life landed on this island.  That changed everything. Change is good.

The boat is a constant work in progress. Today I will spend a good part of my time with my head stuck in the engine compartment. When I come up for air I will relax by reading the engine manual. I will also clean out the other cabin locker. Friday I am back in Perth to take William to the dump before I meet Sylvia at Hwy. #7 Storage for 1300. We will take the bed to her house I will have my Spanish lesson. Then head back to Big Island if I am rested. So I will need a nap after Spanish in order to drive safely.

I will have to reduce my Spanish schedule. Everyone is taking a hit here. That is just as well. The price is worth it. It check’s all the boxes. Of course it does help being retired. That does alleviate time issues.

I had a good interaction with Hans. Hans’ friends need to have the ability to be patient. A shaming, blaming type of dysfunctional personality would have a riot with my buddy. Anyway, Hans became impatient with something I was doing. He raised his voice. I did push back with a boundary. I told him that I would not listen to his emotional loudness. Still we got through the day as friends. Then on the second day I called him. Yesterday I gave him a new switch lamp. He was pleased. It made him happy. Hans has been a good opportunity for me to focus on my emotions, not his, or anybody else’s for that matter. The days that Hans doesn’t come to the marina, I get a lot done. That last statement is more a comment about my behaviour, not his. His heart is in the right place and he means well. He will be 69 this year. He worked until he was 66. I like that he and Toni will be in Nova Scotia this summer. Just a thought; I could drive to NS and camp at Keji or where ever.

It is slightly overcast but warm. Today it will be mid twenties with winds of 30 kph gusting to 40 kph.

I am going to change Lyra’s name to something Spanish.


I Love Being Retired

Today is my 17 th day of being retired. I absolutely love it. Up until the last few days ago I was very busy. No job to go and relax or hide at any more! Lol! That is more than fine with me.

One of the things I am really enjoying is sleep. Not only am i sleeping longer at night, but I very rarely get up to pee any more. That is because I plan my fluid intake so there isn’t an interruption.
Also I usually have an afternoon nap.

It has become easier to relax without the presence of deadlines. I start my day with the list I wrote the night before but I am flexible as to when I perform the chores on my list. The choice is morning or afternoon.

Well, this is the end of my quick note. I’m busy! I’m retired now! Lol!
Write soon! Later! I’ll write about the three runs I’ve signed up for.

I Dream

We all dream. We dream while we sleep. We dream when awake. The awake dream is what I have been paying attention to lately. The dream I pay a lot of attention to these days is the running dream.

My running dream is very simple. I dream about the run I am presently engaged in. If the run is over then I dream about the next run. That’s it. I don’t pay attention to the last run or the best run. They are finished and gone.

Todays run was a distance of 11 kms. I ran for 80 minutes. I started at Gore and South Streets and ran to just south of Echo Bay Rd. and back. Speed 7.27 minutes per km.

The scenery is beautiful. The added bonus is that there are hills. Five of them. Four of them are of a good length and grade, the fifth is a little more forgiving. I notice the strength that has developed in my legs. All of the small left leg/left knee issues that I initially had when I started running have passed. The occasional slight pain just above the left knee has not been felt for sometime now.

My companions are the sound of my footsteps and my breathing. The solitude and the scenery are very enjoyable. There is a mental clarity that occurs that is comparable to meditating. The busy thoughts, the monkey mind, all the thoughts that don’t matter are left behind. The running is a form of meditation for me. My thoughts are also about the people in my life. The relationships. Family, friends, the ladies. All those people that add so much to my happy thoughts.

When I got back from my run I went to The Table and had the supper at the Community dinner. There I sat with Janina and Suzanne. I also got to briefly speak with Louise. she introduced me to Lois, a friend of Pauline. We also got to see Tosh as he left.


I Dreamed …

… it was about her. You know … her: the one that only comes in my dreams.

Am I enticed? Yes!  Is it sexual? No, although it could be.

It is more than that.

Yes. An emotion. That feeling of being connected, of feeling spiritually attached. What a soothing feeling that is. A sweet friend to hold. The feel of her warm skin on mine. Her breath on my chest. Innocent sleep.

I love her. I have always loved her. I will always love her.

My dream friend. The girl of my dreams.

I long to sleep. I long to sleep and dream of her.