The Blog Journey

There are only so many hours in a day. Like most people, I am busy. To develop a blog will require a long-term time commitment. This project will be in addition to my other long-term projects. A synopsis will assist in determining the role this blog will be performing. Firstly, it is a place for me to post my writing. At some point in building the blog I will have to get readers. Quality always sells quicker for a higher price. (No I am not charging anything). Quality a must. Regular posting. Posting is written about at every writers site. This is an important one. It has to be on topic. A topic is a must and I don’t have one yet. What is the goal? Work out a schedule.

Firstly posting: I am a writer. I can’t hide all my writing in some lost draft file that will never see the light of day. Those who are called to write should do just that. Writing can be looked at in a number of contexts but the end result should be that it is available to those who want to read. To publish at my blog is to put the writing there for any who might be interested in that writing. Editors and publishers for example. I will still send them hard copies but maybe at 3 am my website will compel them to give me an advance on my work, my art.

Inspiring Readers: Yikes! To set a system to gather email addresses. If somebody signs up here, I know they are already visiting. It is easier to preach to the converted. It is wonderful to be able to write. It is just as wonderful to have people read what I write. It would be to my advantage to have a high viewership. Good work should be compensated. Even better would be to take the knowledge and develop an asset that produces passive income. Guess who has to come up with the seed money? You got it! The website has to pay for it. There are blogs that continue to yield an income even after the creator has exited. They become salable assets.

This should not be third on the list but it is good we are here now. Quality is an absolute. I say these things primarily for myself. I am glad that others value what I say. As the site develops the quality will rise in accordance with experience. I am reminded of Jordan B. Peterson and his writing for 3 hours a day, everyday for fifteen years. That is a lot! He describes that he re-wrote most sentences at least fifty times. That is a lot of attention. His genre is probably slightly different from whatever genre I am going to commit to. Most of my writing here has been at stream of consciousness level or just above. I appreciate the consistency.

Regular Posting: This is one of those secrets of blogging success that cost nothing but gives and gives and keeps giving. There are people who will show up everyday because they are interested in seeing what you wrote. They are interested in what you say. What a compliment of the highest order. The other secret to blogging everyday is that we get better. Regular posting also offers up to thirty thousand words a month, or more, to extract stories from.

The schedule becomes apparent with daily writing. I need to perform the entire daily schedule for at least a month to experience the real results. So far this term I have only confirmed Latin 2. I may only take that one course and spend the rest of the time taking on the projects I already have on the drawing board. Work on an outline of my writing job by day, week , month and longer. I need to call upon my incredible work ethic. I had forgotten all about that gift. Remember how hard you worked at the jobs you had.

For now my one of my main themes will be writing. Another will be to become a scholar. Third, but again very important, will be to do the amount of reading I need to do on the subjects I have chosen to write about. Reading as research is especially crucial to good writing. It is a process of following the example of someone who already possesses good writing habits that I can emulate.

My mentor, tutor, life coach who I will call Jane is well. Jane suggested to me that I do exactly what I am doing now. Without her suggesting it I don’t know if I would’ve done it. Her sone is in Cape Town, South Africa right now. He travels the world with a few of his friends. He is an Ontario Scholar. He plans never to attend university. His goal is to travel. A lot! I agree with him. He leaves Canada for a good part of the year. Then he returns and works at a restaurant and also plays well-paid gigs with his band. Then it’s off for another winter of exploration. Those guys make everybody jealous.

The Dream Machine continues. The dream machine is the list of projects for the next few weeks/months. For now the writing career has been given a big boost. I will give it a lot of attention and care. I am confident that I could have an income of some sort by the end of the year. Learn it. Get writing to pay for itself and then some. The money can pay for me to publish my stuff, my art. I would like to earn income form my writing to validate my “right to write”. What would I do with the money once the basics were paid for? Travel Canada. Find interesting stories to write about. It would be good to be able to have good writing trips or workshops to attend. To be able to fly somewhere for a few weeks, rent a car when needed and write. I hope I like researching my stories to write. I get to be a detective, a sleuth.

Another day, another bunch of words!

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