Happy New Year

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Yikes! The end of another decade. I’ve always viewed my life in 10 year increments. The decade from 2010-2020 is quite interesting I have come to realize. And why or how did I come to know this? Well, because of what I did. I moved to Eastern Ontario in 2010 to finish off my career. Then I retired in December 2015. I took two sailing courses, bought a boat, lived on it for seven months. I really should write about the shit I do. I do some pretty cool shit!

So that was how it began. It ends with me having lived in Montreal for 16 months now. And I attend university as a senior auditor. I live in Milton Park. And I am having a freaking riot! I love living here. I love working as a student and a writer.

But I am behind today. I had a downtown chore to do and I am glad I got it done before noon. Then I had some chores to do here this afternoon. It is all legit! Everything that was closing, was closing by 06:00 pm or earlier. And I did get the car out of the snow that the snowplow had buried it in. There was no rush and I am practiced with the little shovel, the broom, and the snow brush for the windshield. Then I drive five blocks and then park it again. I am driving it everyday just to exercise it and keep it fluidly sound also. Plus also now it is parked in a spot that had been ploughed out by the machine. I will move it first thing tomorrow morning then it is done. The streets and sidewalks have been ploughed but that is all. There is snow everywhere. I speculate that snow clearing operations will begin on the second of January 2020. At that time it will be the full program, towing cars and trucking the snow out.

It is New Years Eve and I am having a quiet one. Which is what I had planned for. I am starting off the year in a “single” frame of mind. Things are very interesting when sex is removed form the paradigm. Here’s a challenge! Date for six months intensively and never have sex. Meet five new women per week and invite them for coffee and let them know that you are doing this very same thing with other women also. Good luck with that one. I may need to meet five a week just to have somebody to talk to. I should read that book and start that program again. Do it to write a book about the program. So there are a couple of pros right there. Get a book and a couple of dates too. It would be a fun project besides.

I don’t know if I could write a book in that context. I think I could. Just be as honest, open and straightforward as you normally are. That is the only way to be. And have some fun dates with some nice ladies. I have to do this. If I am not going to get serious and settle down with a woman, than at least have girlfriends. If there are enough candidates then I don’t have to waste time with fending off neediness and undesirables. Remember, these are not blind dates. These are not social media email-a-thons either. If you are meeting somebody in the grocery store and they agree to meet tomorrow for lunch, they are serious as well. Six months is 24 weeks. Five per week is 5 x 24=120. One hundred and twenty women every six months. Two hundred and forty a year. What an incredible aspect of life that would be. It would be a lot of work. It would be all about women. Maybe I would meet some academic women. It would be a good way to socialize. To get to know some ladies!

I had fallen asleep earlier before nine pm. I woke up just in time at eleven twenty. Just in time for New Year’s! It was pretty uneventful in this neighbourhood as expected. There were some fireworks over at du Parc & Prince Arthur. But it was all over in under a minute. And a bit of hooting’ and hollering’ too. Gotta have some fun. I’m sure there was a celebration somewhere. Probably by the river. Yes, it has been a quiet event here in my apartment. More sleep is in the offing. But I wanted to get back to this page. I had wanted to post it earlier but then there was the sleep issue.

I am really happy that I have made it to 2020. It was always a target date for me because I will also be sixty-five years old this year too. In seven months and twenty-two days. Another reason I like the date is that I got to retire before September 2020. Money is always important because of the choices it gives, but to retire earlier than planned is a gift of time that is difficult to replicate. I am one of the grateful ones. I have worked all of my life. I did work hard. There was no choice in the industry I was in. In September I will start receiving another government pension. An increase of just over seven thousand dollars. That will be my last large pay raise in life, probably. It is a powerful combination of time and money.

On the domestic side of things, I have not made any furniture purchases for the apartment. I had costed out a purchase of some Ikea products from a lady in The Village, but I just didn’t want to spend the money. I have had to spend a lot of extra money these last couple of months. The debt is coming down quickly and I am still saving a little in spite of the debt priority. This debt priority is actually debt relief. It will be gone in a number of months. That will permit more choices. More money, more choices. That is a wonderful thought to be able to debt-free once again. Indeed, to be able to put seventeen hundred dollars a month to savings would be a very comfortable lifestyle. Maybe get a new MacBook. If I need one. No need, no purchase. The place (my apartment), still needs a few more bookshelves. I also would like to get another desk for the office/living room/bedroom. I will get a kettle in the next day or two. Bookshelves I may be able to get in the spring when students graduate and they leave. A proper bed would be nice. I could have a love seat in the bedroom too. But for sure I will get a love seat or a couch for the living room. A foldout couch. No, not a fold out. Fortunately I have the luxury of time. With regards to apartment furnishings.

Now that I have re-committed to my jobs as a writer and a student I have to ensure that I put in full days. No slacking off. This has to be treated seriously, sincerely. Like a job, or two. Because that’s what it is. Two or three jobs. All I have to do is my best. That’s all.

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