Run Baby Run!

The running program is coming along well with the consistent effort. I became serious about running this season as of July 12, 2017. I had been running all season but without a definite goal in mind. So choosing to run in The Glen Tay Block Race has defined my running program.

I ran everyday from July 12, 2017 until July 23, 2017. I did not run on the 24th &  25th of July due to a blister issue. The blister was a result of upping my running goals. I was able to increase my daily running time from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The silver lining is that now I have learned about blisters. I am actively dealing with it/them and back running again.

Today I ran for 01:25, one hour and 25 minutes. Distance run was 11.6 kms. Yesterday’s run was a time of 01:10, one hour and ten minutes, with a distance of 9.6 kms. Slowly I am increasing my running speed even though I am not focused on that presently. I am pleased that my times are over one hour. Even better, my running time is usually around 90 minutes. I feel good!

Running longer than one hour has presented the opportunity to learn how to cope with that time/distance. Currently, I am not doing walk warmups anymore. I start my runs with a slow run initially. After 20 minutes of running I am fully warmed up. I suspect that dopamine has flooded my system well before 20 minutes has passed. I do require extra energy consumption around the hour mark. I carry a 500ml bottle of water on my race. I have started to carry two 250ml bottles with juice of some flavour. The results are noticeable. The increase in energy is immediate and pleasurable.

I have to decide how many days to run. Right now I intend to run for two days and take the third day off. I know how difficult it will be to discipline myself NOT to run! There is also the option of running everyday. That would require some days of shorter runs and I would like to avoid that at least until I run the race. So for now that is what I will do.

One of the aspects I enjoy very much is the area I run in. It is naturally pristine. I live on an island in eastern Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte area. The island I live on is small, very unpopulated and incredibly beautiful. The abundance of species also adds to the quality of the natural environment. I have two running courses. The west end and the east end. Both are reasonably lenient, even for a newer runner like myself. The east run has a hill that is good practice. The west run is a flatter route. It is very pretty as it hugs the shore of the bay. Because of the bay there is a good breeze and also there is a lack of bugs.

My life is astounding! Enough said!


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