Count To One!

Yesterday’s Run was 93 minutes long and also 11 kilometres. I ran from the marina to Cty. Rd. 15 and back. I stopped rarely, only to urinate and hydrate.

Unfortunately, during this wonderful run I developed a new blister within the blister that just got trimmed and medicated. I realize that increasing the running time  and/or the distance covered has been the cause.

So today I am not running. It would have been my 13th day in a row running and I have to force myself not to run today. I have been reading about runner’s blisters. They are a fact of life for most runner’s at some point. Usually when they start some serious running and get ambitious to accomplish as much as they can.

I am capable of running for 90 minutes or more. Blisters are a new issue for me.  A symptom of my improving prowess as a runner.

I will not be cheated again. I will go to the pharmacy and acquire some gauze and tape or pads. I will do my 90 minutes again. I am pleased that yesterday I ran the hillier east end.


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