The Blister Burst

Well, I don’t know what the blister did because I didn’t check it until late last night. But, gratefully, it has resolved itself without any interference from me.

I felt it yesterday until I was about 20 minutes into yesterdays hour long 8.2 km run. I’ll run the one hour runs for another four days then start to go to the one and a half hour. Maybe I’ll have to go to 01:15 or 01:20 initially but with a good plan I will achieve it without injury. To run the 15 kms I will allow for a two hour run. I should be able to run 16 kms or slightly more in less than two hours. My runs are based on 20 minute run cycles. I do a 10 minute warmup/walk, then the hour run, followed by a 10 or 15 minute cool/walk. My right hip did not have any aching on yesterdays run either. I will run around 07:00 am this morning and hopefully I will only run for one hour, but I can tell I already am imagining running 11 kms this morning. If I do go over the hour long run then I have to go at least one hour and twenty minutes so that I get the 10 km distance. Gratefully, my stamina is increasing, and running has become an enjoyable habit. Today will be the eleventh day in a row of running, and I intend to run everyday. I am a barebones runner, a minimalist. I don’t carry a smartphone to analyze my run while running. I carry my shirt and I wear my watch, shorts underwear, socks and shoes. In one pocket I have my car keys, in the other I have eye drops and chapstick. I hydrate before the run and I take a 500 ml bottle for the run. I also have cut beer out of my diet. It is no longer part of my nutrition plan, lol!

Last night my friend and I had roast chicken & fresh fruit with chocolate sauce! And wine! We also had some good laughs and chats.


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