Hell Yeah!

Today was my tenth day in a row of my running program. There is a huge blister on the fourth toe of my right foot. I am not going to lance it. It will remedy itself. It will naturally perforate or slowly heal intact. It is not an issue when I am running. It numbs itself after 10 or 15 minutes of running. My trusty amygdala does it’s job and releases dopamine into my chemistry. That is the start of my “running high”.

I am running for an hour each day. About 8.2 kilometres. I run everyday and I will continue to do so. I run west along the bay. It is an easy course, mostly flat. And my course takes me along the south shore of Big Bay and Muscat Bay. It is a lot more forgiving than my eastward run. The west route is very pretty. There is aways a breeze. I will run for an hour for another four days at least.

It is a quiet area. I see the occasional runner or couple, or some cyclists. I contend with very few cars.


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