… Rain, Rain And More Rain!

It is early. I have been up since before three-thirty this morning. It is now a quarter to four and the birds are … well, they are singing in the rain. I feel rested after my somewhat usual five hours of sleep.

The water is rising. The flooding that had already occurred and then relented has returned. The forecast is not good. Lake Ontario is rising. As I lay listening to the rain I thought of S/V Lyra. Lyra is a Tanzer 28 sailboat. She is still on the hard on her cradle at the marina. As the rain and wind build more water into eastern Lake Ontario, it continues to rise. With last weekends large rainfall the water is high at the marina on the Bay of Quinte. Now we are forecast to get substantially more rain than last weeks water that flooded many parts of south-western Quebec. The destruction to the peoples homes and lives is horrifying.

I am hoping that the water doesn’t rise much more. I think Lyra is safe on her cradle. I am speculating that in order for her to be floated off her cradle, the water would have to rise by three feet. If that happens it will be a critical disaster for eastern Canada and the U. S. I would have to volunteer, to assist in whatever way this nearly 62 years old, young man can. Hopefully, my above mentioned concerns are not warranted.

Life is good! I am enjoying this life with all of it’s challenges and rewards.

The other good news is that I have un-Facebooked myself. For myself, social media is devoid of real communication. If people are not worth talking to live, either in person or by telephone, then why bother? We don’t need false Amber Alerts, or to be told somebody famous has died … 3 years ago. My experience has been that, at best, social media is good for publishing. Having said the foregoing, I do sometimes re-activate my FB account to publish an article such as this one. FB does serve some purpose. I have found that sincere, human communication does not usually occur. I do admit that social media can and does play a role with some sort of slight benefit. The United Airlines fiasco is a somewhat reasonable example of that, but we could have heard about it on the news, if we are the type of person that listens to the news. That is not personal communication, that is just news reporting, with a comment section that allows toxic diatribes and ranting, islamaphobia and other forms of racism. And of course, name-calling and personal insults.

It is extremely disturbing that Facebook is abused by people posting video’s of rapes, murders, and the depraved video of the infanticide of an 11 month old baby. It is disgusting that these videos go viral.

That was the tipping point for me. Therein lies the rub.


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