As You Know …

… I have not been writing here. And why is that, my friend? What is it that allows you to ignore, mute or quell this passion and still continue to breathe! Yes that arrogant breath, allowing itself to be used for nefarious words. Cruel dispersions cast without sense of consequence.

It was a fantastic summer of 2016. Even better it was full. Full of water, fun and learning. I earned my Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard and with in 30 days of completing that I purchased a sailboat. Indeed, a Tanzer 28. Built in 1973 in Dorion, Quebec. The engine is a 2003 Vetus 16 hp, 2 cylinder, diesel inboard. It also has a 3.5 hp kicker, an outboard. There is a 10 foot inflatable dinghy.

I am counting the days to the end of April. The sooner the boat is in the water the better.

The boat will need a generator. I am certain it will be a Honda 2000 watt generator. They are very quiet. Honda dealerships are numerous so service is available with little cost or inconvenience.

Three new batteries and a quality intelligent battery charger have already been purchased. I need to get some LCD bulbs and install.

The list is long.



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