Splish Splash

Kayaking is on my mind. I was on/in the water for two hours. I also spent two hours this past Friday and four hours on Saturday. I took Sunday off. I am working on: rolling, bracing, stern and bow rudders, paddling backwards, etc.
I do not use the stern any more. Sarah advised me to do that and I have maintained that habit since she spoke of it.

My rolling program right now entails me doing a number of paddle float rolls. Like 10 or 20 followed by two attempts at a roll without the float. I will do five float rolls followed by 1 roll attempt. That means I will do twenty float rolls and four rolls. I’ll add an extra roll in there to make it an even five.
The paddle float rolls slow down the speed slightly. But that is good because that is time to think and observe.

The hip flick needs improvement. I am not relaxed. I need to relax when I droop my head to the lower right/back. Must ensure the head stays down and to the right. That is where I am at, again. It is going to happen. The New 5+1 Plan is going to slowly raise my success rate.

I did venture into Big Rideau Lake. I went west of the buoy. I did a number of paddle float rolls there. I did not attempt any rolls because the water was choppy, fast. I cannot see the rolls because underwater my vision is severely curtailed. That is a good learning environment.
I could use the contacts and a mask if need be. But I would prefer not to.

It was a fantastic evening. I like boats. The water is at a comfortable temperature right now.

Tomorrow I will go early. Work on hip flicks.


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