You Can Do It!

So I was out of the house this morning at 0445. I beat the rain. I walked a 1k warmup and then ran 3.77K in 27:25 for 07:17/Km. Calories 332.

Then I did a 1K cool down walk and got home around 0545. I drank two glasses of water with whey protein. Cooled off and then had another shower before going to my 90 minute Spanish lesson for 0700.

It felt so good running, especially once I got past the 15 minute mark. I enjoyed the cadence, the rhythmic breathing and the sound of the feet.

Sitting at home slowly sipping the water just thinking about nothing. No thinking allowed. Lol!

Spanish was good as always but it is never enough so I need to work at it more. Silvia es una profesora excelente.

Back home and not eating. I am fasting today and the house is full of delicious food. It has been so long since I fasted that I am having to focus, to be disciplined.

I am at a coffee shop avoiding my fridge. Yes there are treats to be had here but I am able to control myself. Coutts Coffee Co is closing at 1600 so I’ll go up to McDonalds and use the wi-fi there.

It is still pouring rain. I was happy to get up early and avoid the rain. I did see a man jogging this afternoon in the downpour. of a good part of the day the rain has been intense. We may get up to 40 mm. It is a good thing though because it is melting a lot of the snow and ice from the streets and sidewalks. However,tonight the temperature is going to drop significantly, so I may be jogging with ice cleats tomorrow.

I am pleased that I chose to run the 5K on Jan. 17. The weather at this time of year is always a wild card. We get what we get. It’s all part of the journey.


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