This New Day

What a wonderful day it is! The weather has turned mild and damp, which is okay for me. I was out the door by 0700 for my run. This is my second run in two days after not running since November 24, 2015 and the run before that on September 16/15.

Today I will also go to the gym and start strength training again. Just in case any of us are wondering I have not made any “resolutions”.

What I did do was make a commitment to run. However, I wanted my commitment to have the strength of action to give it some backbone, to make it real. So I joined a running community. I have a track record of finding communities to join that are in line with my goals, character set and value base. I joined Ottawa Run Club. This not for profit organization is financially responsible. They promote a number of local events and in addition they have two big events that they conduct. I believe one of the out of area events may be a trip to the Philadelphia Marathon. The run club will help me improve as a runner.

In addition to that I have registered for three regional run events. The first one will be held on January 17, 2016 in Richmond, Ontario. I will run in the 5K event.

The second event I have registered for is the 10K event at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend on Saturday, May 28, 2016. The Ottawa Race Weekend is a big deal. There are races on both days of the weekend. There is the marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, and some other events as well. I am very excited because I have never run in a race yet so any organized race is a “biggie” for a newbie like me.

The third race I have registered for is the one that has been on my list the longest.It is the Perth’s World Record Kilt Run 2016 to be held on Saturday, June 25 & Sunday, June 26. Guinness World Record will be here for the race to verify the record as the worlds largest “Kilt Run”. To run in the race runners are required to wear a kilt. Also this year the Perth Kilt Run Weekend has been expanded to include a full marathon point to point run as well as a half marathon.

Another race that I plan on running in August will be the 15K Glenn Tay Block Race.

It is somewhat of an ambitious roster but it is long overdue. The goal, of course, is good health. So this past years learning to run is paying off now and I realize what I am physically capable of. I know that 1K sprints are not on the agenda. Strength training and a proper plan of regular running are the agenda, as witnessed by last years successes.

Thank you for reading my posts. I appreciate it a lot.




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