I Love Being Retired

Today is my 17 th day of being retired. I absolutely love it. Up until the last few days ago I was very busy. No job to go and relax or hide at any more! Lol! That is more than fine with me.

One of the things I am really enjoying is sleep. Not only am i sleeping longer at night, but I very rarely get up to pee any more. That is because I plan my fluid intake so there isn’t an interruption.
Also I usually have an afternoon nap.

It has become easier to relax without the presence of deadlines. I start my day with the list I wrote the night before but I am flexible as to when I perform the chores on my list. The choice is morning or afternoon.

Well, this is the end of my quick note. I’m busy! I’m retired now! Lol!
Write soon! Later! I’ll write about the three runs I’ve signed up for.


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