Lucky Me!

At the last minute, which was 04:30 pm, I realized if I wanted to make it to the Community Dinner I was going to have to shower and shave pronto!
It only took 20 minutes so I arrived at the food bank by 05:00 pm.
I got a nice large table by myself which, gratefully didn’t last long.
Soon Suzanne arrived. She is so sweet, and pretty. Then my friend Janina entered, and finally my new friend from last summer Pamella arrived. Tosh, Al, Sharon and Christine were at the table soon as well.

Janina mentioned that she still wasn’t full after her portion so I offered to buy dessert. She was on, and I also invited Suzanne and Pamella. Little old me and the three Queens headed down to the very nice Stone Crock and had dessert. We all chose something different so it was a very tasty “dessert-fest’!

Lucky me is right! The company was great and the desserts were fabulous.

I also was compelled to write about it. What a wonderful evening.


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