The Run to Jebbs Creek

I love Jebbs Creek. This is the place that inspired me to use the name Jebb for my nom de plume.

So the run started with a 1.2 km, 12 minute brisk warm-up walk. The run from the Scotch Line to Jebbs Creek and back was 7.1 kms. This is the first non-stop jog over 5k that I have done. My next run will be 8 kms over the Wildlife Road block. I wanted to make the first run over 5k to Jebbs Creek. The twelve and a half minute warm-up of 1.2 kms makes the run better. The first ten minutes of the run seem difficult without a good warm-up.

It is a great time of the year for running. There aren’t any bugs yet. It is only warm. The heat will be a challenge.

The added benefit of running to Jebbs Creek are the hills. Free extra exercise!


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