In The Game of Running …

… you either meet your goal or die happy!

2015-05-05 22.30.30

Today’s run was 5 kms in just under 34 minutes non-stop. This is the third 5 km run in the past week after Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Thursday’s 5 km run was aborted due to respiration issues. After today’s run I went to the gym and worked on three leg machines, three arm machines and two ab machines. A total of twenty minutes. I did 4 sets of pushups, a set of 35, 30 and two 20’s.

The psychology of excuses running. Shit! I think I have to piss! Well piss then, if you can’t keep it. No big deal. I can wash the clothes. Of course, I will have to buy new runners if I pee in them. Another favourite thought is: “I’m thirsty”. But I don’t have any water, so I’ll have to wait until I have finished my 5 kms. So now that those excuses issue’s are dealt with, they are not relevant in my mind any more when I run. The bright side is that since I ran the first 5k last Monday, the left thigh/knee issues have disappeared. The first 5k was in Toronto, Wednesday’s was on the Thames River Parkway in London, Ontario and today’s was in l’il old Perth, just west of Ottawa. I ran the 5k to the gym and back. The road to the gym is quite rural so there are very few cars.

After I came back from the run I was going to walk the 2.5 kms to the gym for my workout but I couldn’t trust myself to not run. I was getting these delusions of running grandeur. You know, stupid thoughts like, “Well now that I’ve already run to the gym and back why not run there, do the workout and then run back?”. The reason is this: the sure death of most beginner’s running training is doing too much, too soon. I will run 5k on Monday if I am able. If I have to wait until Tuesday so be it. Three times next week. Then Sunday May 17 or Monday May 18, I will run 8k followed by 2 5k’s for the rest of the week. Starting the week of May 24, I will run 8k three times a week for two weeks. That will take me to about June 3 to 5.

At that point protein calculation will become very important. I do not want to lose too much weight. The goal is 185 lbs. or slightly less. When I get to 185 I will have lost 45 lbs. since the beginning of the second week in December 2014. That works out to 45 lbs in six months.

2015-05-05 22.30.20

For now I am concerned with my next 5k run and my next gym workout and how much I eat. I haven’t done any kayaking or sailing yet but that day is coming soon. Then there is the bicycle, the camera, and Spanish learning. I love being busy!

The shoes are Asics Gel Kayano 21’s. Asics work for my feet.



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