Writing & Running

Nice title. They have something in common, writing and running. They are both breathless experiences. Today I will just accept that they are. I won’t get all freakin’ anal-ytical. Okay for those of you whom think that you are right, or, that it is important for you to pretend that you are right … I know it’s spelled analytical. My brain will not fall into that human brainy stuff of always asking why. Or correctness. I don’t need to ask myself why writing and running are similar. They’re both a little risky. When running, the writer could fall down. When writing the runner could doubt himself.

To tell you the truth I’ve been working on my amygdala. My amygdala has been getting put through a brain ‘car wash’. This amygdala has been getting some brave lessons and relaxation lessons. No more automatic fear thoughts. No more fight or flight scenarios. And since I have banished sex and addictions from my regular routine, no need for all the pleasure alerts. Those things are addictions unto themselves even without our amygdala’s. Yeah, running a little risky. Writing, a little risky and I’ll leave it at that. Now for the habit that the amygdala has of making the mind fearful all the time: no more of that. From now on I will realize that when the amygdala starts pumping the fear chemicals into the conscious mind it is doing so just to get the person to smarten up. To clue in and become more aware of themselves.

The cashier asked me how I was; I said I liked the warm weather. The lady in front of me said, “Yes, but now there’s black flies.”. I smiled and said that was right. They are not around for very long. The -37 wind chills are around a lot longer than the birthing black flies. Some people have a talent of pulling out a problem from a barrel full of solutions.

Finally, I will get to the point. Yesterday was a really enjoyable run. I walked from the Station Park Inn to the Forks of the Thames. Did 30 push ups just for good measure and ran up to Gibbons and back. I had to run up the hill from Harris Park to Ridout & Dufferin. It is steep and it is work but I insisted. Then 20 push ups just for good measure and a cool down walk back to Station Park Inn. That was the second time I ran for 30 minutes. So the 9 week running program did end up being 9 weeks after all. Me and my amygdala are happy. No fear. And not only that but since I ran the first 5k last Monday there is not any issues in my left knee. I need to go and measure out a 5k route in the car and then run it. Writing, and now running.

Then the bathroom, kitchen and living room.


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