Having Fun!

It has been a fun 2 days! Productive too.

Let me back up to last Sunday evening May 3rd.
I drove to Toronto arriving at the hotel around midnight.
Into bed by 02:00 am. Up at 06:00 am Monday morning.

I had my usual morning routine of hydrating, vitamins, reading and being grateful.

By 08:24 am I was outside starting my 5 minute brisk walk/warmup.

At 08:30 I started running north on Kennedy Rd. Under the CP Belleville Sub mainline up the slope towards Sheppard Ave and beyond.
It was a beautiful sunny, warm morning. A perfect day for running.

A block north of Sheppard is the eastern edge of Tam O’Shanter Golf Club so the view becomes very pretty. I ran north as far as Huntingwood Drive. Then back to Kennedy and the 401. About 4.5 kms.
More significant than the distance was the time: a run of 30 minutes non-stop. At 6.6 kph, there is plenty of room for improvement.
The 30 minute run goal has been accomplished for the first time. The next two goals are first: improve the time. Secondly: 10 kms.

So it was a happy start to my Monday! By 10:00 am I was on my way to London to help my daughter with her move to Waterloo, On.
We made 3 trips to Waterloo; one on Monday afternoon with dinner at Red Lobster in Kitchener. Then 2 trips yesterday, on Tuesday. Back in London our little family had dinner at Lone Star and some time at the hotel before I got the kid’s back to their homes for the night.

Today I will run for half an hour and then go for breakfast with my daughter. Then I will depart south-western Ontario for my home on the Canadian Shield in Perth.

Another goal was to finally retire the Nikon D50 that I purchased in April of 2006. So I purchased a used Nikon D700 from Henry’s Camera shop. It was an 8+ so it is pretty much new, with less than 27,000 shutter actuations. Every new camera deserves some new glass so I put a Nikon 105mm 2.8 lens on it.
Expect a photo or two in the new future!

Just run Jebb, just run!


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