This Is What I Will Do!

“Tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?”. Mary Oliver, American author, poet.

It was nice to have two days off from running and exercising. Work was the reason for the gap since Thursday. The rest does a body good. That is the big challenge for me … to actually take one day off from exercising and running! The promise to self is intact.

Work gets busy sometimes. The bonus is that it also gives me the opportunity to burrow away in a hotel room for sleep and reading, and writing. On page 370 0f Bouncing Back by Linda Graham.

Today is my day to run and train! I’ll jump into the car and measure a course and after the run head to the gym and work those abs and stuff.

It is a busy few days. Toronto tonight, then London (Ontario), for Monday and Tuesday. Commitments are cutting into my kayaking and cycling!
The big bonus is that I will get to hang with my kids, both of them!

Well time to go and get wild and precious in my life!


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