My brain was stirring …. Or was it? Fog hovering above the swamp.

A dream of an angel, she is soothing me. Telling me it is all right, that I am safe now. Her arms move forward to hug me. Those eyes are compelling. I want to know who she is. What she means. I feel so safe, so content. Tears of joy roll down my face. Her raspberry lips do not move but I hear the breathless voice. “Sleep dear child, sleep, you are free, you are good, you are blessed.”.

I believe her. I cannot move. Her hand brushes my face. The warmth from her body comforts me. I am happy, warm and frozen in time. She kisses the tears from my cheeks. I lie helpless and happy beyond measure. I do not know why she is here, I do not understand, I do not worry.

I want to know her name. I try to speak. The words will not come. My voice is trapped in my throat. Bliss, I will call her Bliss. Her lips tenderly alight on mine. Her breath is warm and sweet scented as she slowly whispers “Sleep dear child, sleep. I am Mother Earth. I am your Angel and you are mine.” .

She melts into the fog. She is like the air. She has melted away into the breeze.

I am falling. I am sinking. I am forgetting and I want so much to remember her.
She is gone. I am gone. I am asleep.


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