The Running Program

This past March 18, 2015, I started training without a plan. By Tuesday, March 24, I was referring to a “Running Plan”.
On the 25th I had noted that it was my fifth day in a row of running.
Since March 25th, I have trained another 16 days. I will go again today, the 23rd April.

On the 20th I started week #3 which consists of:
5 minute brisk walk warmup.
90 secs. run
90 secs. walk
3 min. run
3 min. walk
X 2.

Yesterday, the 22nd, I did the above program but X 3.
I will do the same today.

The run program I am using as a guide is a nine week ‘Couch to 5K’ plan.
I spent 2 weeks on both Week #1 and Week #2. I will also spend 2 weeks on Week #3.
Currently I have been training for nearly 5 weeks.
I am not in a hurry this time. In 2013 I was in a hurry and ended up sustaining an injury above my left knee.

The lesson learned was to go slow and train well. This is my third year walking. The solution to the summer weight loss, winter weight gain problem has been to join a gym. I did that back on February 14, 2015. I get my money’s worth due to consistent attendance.
The gym is a blessing because bad weather is no longer an excuse to not attend. Also this winter I will be able to exercise and train and keep control of my weight/health.

I have also started following Brad from Vancouver because he runs. I am learning from him. Here is the link:

So that is what’s going on in the Running Program up until now. I may start a running page here and see how that fits.
Gotta run!



2 thoughts on “The Running Program

    • May I call you Brad? And thanks to you Brad. Your blog is really good. Thanks for the encouragement! I really am enjoying this project. I also enjoy your story. It is interesting that running has become very significant in your life. As it should, it is so very healthy. You have an impressive race record.

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