How’s Life?

Life is great!

Life comes delivered daily to your mind, heart and soul.
Today I am grateful because it is a home day. That meant a good sleep last night. It also means that I was able to wake up and relax with coffee. It allowed me to do my favourite reads at Psychology Today and start some research into the next writer’s group piece.

This morning I also learned that Dena and Bryan Haines are back in Nova Scotia. They still have a bit of material about Ecuador to publish at Dena is an excellent writer, so I will always read her blog posts.

But what do I write about? Well, I write about my life, my day, the stuff I am doing. You should too! Why do I write? I need to. It helps me. Writing about your daily life is an excellent method of looking at yourself. It allows me to see if my activity is aligned with my ideals. Life is busy and unpredictable. Writing and journalling allows me to discover how today and yesterday can serve me tomorrow. The process helps me to see order and organization when life seems to inject disorder into my day.

At 2 pm this afternoon I had a delicious brunch of plain yogourt, cottage cheese, blueberries, blackberries, raisins, (sultana and golden), cranberries, pecans and walnuts. Washed it down with a glass of water.

Today is a workout day so by 4 pm I will be at the gym. It will be a resistance and run program day, so it will be a good intense workout. Tomorrow, my off day, will be a run train routine only.
The run train process is a  9 week program but I am taking longer. I did week #1 in two weeks and I am also going to spend two weeks on week # 2. Why? Well I am a late bloomer. Since I am going to be 60 in less than 120 days, I thought it a good idea to strengthen my running prowess slowly. I had started running in 2013. However, I was too enthusiastic, I incurred a thigh issue that required me to stop. The training is going well these past 3 weeks.
Finally the day before yesterday I broke ‘200’, down to 199.5 pounds. That was the first goal. My next goal is 185 pounds. Losing the first 30 pounds is the easy part. Getting to 185 will be the second easiest part, lol!

I was home in time to get to The Table for the community dinner last night. It was dinner and movie night, so it was packed. We got to watch “Til The Cows Come Home”, a docu-film about the Canadian Conservative’s dismantling of the prison farm system in Canada.

There is an election coming in Canada soon. If you are Canadian and eligible to vote: get off your Canadian ass and vote! Thank you! Anyway, there were a few speakers after the film. There was a bit of Q & A and discussion. It was all very good. The National Farmer’s Union in Canada have been prominent in trying to hold the government accountable on this issue.

Of particular note, in the film, ex-Conservative Cabinet Minister MP Dean Del Maestro speaks for the government. What a difference a day makes. After Mr. Del Maestro’s conviction regarding election irregularities, the government threw this Conservative to the curb. He was in Harper’s cabinet. Harper also appointed Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin to the senate. It seems somebody doesn’t have a very good “people-picker”.

Ahhh … the bloodsport of Canadian federal politics. Yikes!

Cycling is going to be another aspect of this years health program. Soon I will purchase a bike rack for the car. It may be a Saris 4412B Freedom 2 Black for about $330.00. It holds two bikes.
I am the happy owner of a somewhat dated CCM mountain bike. I will get hybrid tires for it, get rid of the mountain ones. I will keep this bike for now. Tires and a tune-up, most likely at SportX in Smiths Falls. Greg and Jen come highly recommended. I did stop in and chat with Greg recently and he is a pro. Greg and Jen are the owners and the frontline staff. I have had good success with working owners in past experience. If nothing else, it is convenient to deal with the boss.

Gatineau Park has over well over a hundred kilometres of bike paths. It is a stunning natural area and I plan to get to know it on two wheels. It is just too good an asset to ignore.

I haven’t played any guitar this week. I have not studied any Spanish and the house downstairs is a mess. So there: I said it! I owned it! One day at a time. I’ll try breaking it down to one hour at at time.
You never know-this writing thing could unglue my ass, lol!
Maybe that will be the title of my next post! I like it!
Unglue My Ass. Maybe I could sing it to the tune of that Joe Cocker song, Unchain My Heart!

Soon, chao!



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