Today’s Notes

Spring is coming. The mild weather is presenting new choices. Walking and hiking for example.
So today I went to the gym and spent an hour and a half there. I did my minimum ten minute walking warmup followed by a forty minute resistance workout. Then I finished it off with a half hour of walking and running on the treadmill. I am starting the third week of a running program. It is going well. It is a nine week “Couch to 5 km” program. My version of this program will be a week or two longer than the nine weeks. Even though I am working hard at it, I will not allow my enthusiasm to render me careless or unsafe.

Since it was such a beautiful day and I had the time, I also walked down to Kerr Rd. and back. A distance of 12.5 km. So the total distance between both the walk and gym is closer to seventeen kilometres. My weight this morning was 201 pounds. Soon I will drop below 200 pounds. That is a significant figure. My doctor, from a number of years ago, advised me that for my six foot height I needed to be under the 200 mark. The under 200 weight is healthier for the joints and other bits.

I feel good! At the beginning of last December I was over 230 pounds. In a period of 120 days, I have shed over 30 pounds.

In order to achieve this weight reduction I have changed some habits. Firstly, I gave up as much processed food as possible. Particularly, wheat, grains and gluten.

To be clear, it has been an immense paradigm shift mentally and practically. I was not accustomed to eating only fresh, natural food. I have stayed the course.

It is amazing to me that heartburn and acid reflux exist only in my past now. My GI tract has become very easy to live with also. Suffice to say that my digestive system is not experiencing the discomfort that I had grown accustomed to.

I recently read a few very interesting books about nutrition and health.

The first game changer for me was a book called Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD. Yes, he is a doctor so that does make him credible to speak on the topic. I prefer to view him as an author, a writer. Recently I have seen him giving some talks and interviews. He is outspoken regarding which foods he considers to be “bad” for humans, and those that he considers to be “good” for us. He has supporters and detractors.

His message is clear: eat natural food and avoid processed food.

Wheat is a much processed product in our world. It is present in a large number foods. Dr. Davis is being soundly criticized by people who do not agree with him. His claim is “Lose the wheat, lose the weight!”. His claim: lose 15 pounds in 30 days. I followed his advice and lost 18 pounds in 21 days. I couldn’t believe it! So this is where I am now: thirty pounds lighter in 120 days. I do have very healthy DNA. Another one of the changes I adopted is that I only eat until I am full. Quite often I eat less than that. In addition I sometimes fast or have days where I eat very little.

Fish and chicken have always been present in my diet. Now I am also eating more AAA beef tenderloin or prime rib.

The first 30 days was difficult. No more fast food of any sort. Not even Subway subs. Or ramen noodles. Or blueberry pie with ice cream. Now all those processed foods are foreign to me. A few weeks ago I did try a little slice of cheesecake. In less than 2 hours I had heartburn and my stomach had started to feel uncomfortable.

Now I am ready to learn how to start making a wide range of foods that are “good” for me!

The author may have his critics, but I have my first hand experience with these wonderful results.


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