Checking In

Well it ain’t Latin-America but it’s close, and, it is part of the dream. This January it is almost certain to reach fruition! A 7 night live aboard sailing course/cruise in the British Virgin Islands! Yabba dabba do! On a Beneteau 47 no less!

The cruise part is the Canadian Yachting Association, Basic Cruising Standard. Upon earning that qualification I will be certified to crew on a sailboat, but I won’t, not yet. What I will do is get some experience on the 15′ catamaran that Leo and I purchased 5 weeks ago. I also plan on earning my PC Kayak Skills Level 2 this year, (2015). That will enable to attend the PC Beginner/Level 1 Instructor course in 2016, my first year of retirement. I also hope to have enough experience to attend the CYA Intermediate Cruising Standard in 2016.

I have started my home study of Spanish also. The next few weeks will also be spent studying the theory for the Basic Cruising Standard. That will free up time for sailing instead of studying.

The recent purchase of an MacBook has also put me into learning mode. I am also attending classes to learn the MacBook environment.

Happily, learning has been ratcheted up a couple of notches at least. My preparations for retirement are keeping me as busy as working, if not more! It is not unusual to be just as busy or even busier in retirement than ‘just’ working!

Perhaps, or maybe, there will be a lady and that would be addition to an already happy, full life. Busy and happy! Lol!

Buenos dias …


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