So …

So I’m back.

The dream is still living, growing, morphing! The goal has become more precise and at the same time it has changed significantly. There is a Plan ‘A’ and a Plan ‘B’. Plan ‘A’ is as follows: By August 2018, sail from Kingston, Ontario to either Panama or Colombia. Plan ‘B’ is to sail and cruise during the summer and in the winter fly south and tour on land. With either plan I intend on being out of Canada for 5 months. The winter of 2016 will be spent in either or both of those countries, mentioned above, planning for the trip of 2018.

None the less, the winter of 2015-2016 should be the last winter I endure! Summers will be spent in Canada sailing Canadian waters. The sailing trip of 2018 will be the ‘acid test’ to establish the practicality of sailing to and from Central/South America on an annual basis.

So there is a lot of work to be done. Learn to sail for example. Live on a sailboat for at least seven months of the year, if not 12 months. The maintenance of said boat. Choosing a boat. Planning and budgeting. Turning a dream into a goal. Living the passionate life. Living the dream.

Is it too much to ask for everything, or is it too little? Is a dream, a mission, a legacy negotiable? Is compromise acceptable?

The dream is not to grow old … the dream is to have a fucking good time growing old!

The most recent step towards the goal was the purchase of the MacGregor Vision 15 catamaran. My new life as a sailor has already started. It is happening. It was only a few hours on Otter Lake but boy o boy it was a lot of fun. It was a wonderful feeling to handle the sheets, adjust the rigging and all the other little stuff. The sail has the number ‘2071’ on it. Maybe we should call the cat ‘2071’!

The next step is to renew my passport. By the middle of December I will know if the 8 day live aboard in the British Virgin Islands is a for sure. My fingers are crossed. It will be a wonderful sailing adventure on what is for me the high seas! And I will achieve my CYA Beginner Cruising Standard. It will be 7 nights on a Beneteau 47′.

Que sera sera!


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