A Tad Frozen

Another frozen, sunny day here in Canada’s National Capital region.

I didn’t use an exclamation mark to end the first sentence because minus thirty celsius is maybe a little unusual for March, but not significantly.

So there is not much direct activity regarding myself and Latin America at this time. There will be more practical action as my retirement date gets closer.

My minimalist lifestyle has been firmly entrenched for a number of years now. I live in a cost effective, one bedroom apartment in a unique historical town of 6,000 souls. I am very happy here, even in the winter, although that is the one season my lower spine/sciatica does not like.

Life is good.

Walking has become a very regular part of my schedule again now that I have some sturdy, quality ice cleats to wear on my shoes/boots. I am averaging over three miles per walk and that will increase on a walk by walk basis. I would like to maintain at least thirty two miles per week.

I am now caring for two sea kayaks. Sea kayaking has become a personal passion. It is the result of the commitment to discover some passions to carry me into my upcoming new life. This chosen hobby also requires me to learn a number of subjects that serve me well, not only kayaking, but, in my life as a whole.

I am grateful that some of the goals are being fulfilled.

My regular work route is along a portion of the north shore of Lake Ontario. It is open water even in this cold weather. Yesterday the water was flat, unlike three days ago when it was pure pandemonium. Then it was large rolling breakers mixed with ice and cresting before exploding onto the frozen shore. Magnificent!

Reading continues to be a part of my routine. It is mostly directed to learning but there is a recreational component as well.

I am grateful that I had the good judgement to cancel my TV cable subscription a year ago. That has been proven to be a good, quality choice.

Initially, I will spend four to five months of the winter in the sunny, warm south, playing with boats. I plan to start sailing upon retirement. So whether here or there, the water will certainly be liquid!

I hope you enjoy living your dreams … peace.




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