Minimalism Continued

Sometimes it is a bit of challenge for me to find ways to improve the minimalism in my life.

However I did find another way in the form of my cable provider. I’ll start with the TV story. In May of 2010 I moved to Eastern Ontario, in Canada. When I moved here I left the 46″ Hitachi LCD at my previous home. It is still there and apparently the tenants are enjoying it as we speak.

So I arrived here without a TV. My girlfriend at the time did like to watch some TV. So she brought her 32″ Toshiba LCD. It is still here even though she is not. Please understand I have attempted to discuss the return of it to her, to no avail.

My cable and internet was costing me $89.99 a month plus tax. Recently the price was increased to $102.76. I don’t watch TV. I really don’t. The few, very few shows that I only occasionally like to view, I can watch on the laptop.

So this morning I contacted the cable company and removed the cable portion of my service. That has resulted in the price being reduced to $44.95 per month. A price reduction of $50.00 per month. Yesterday while doing my budget book recap for April, I discovered another $110.00 per month in savings. The additional saving of $50.00 on top of the $110.00 per month represents saving an extra $1920.00 for the year.

The habit that led me to find this significant saving is the budget book. Absolutely jotting down every expenditure no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. This has given me a very exact way to see how my hard-earned wages are spent.

My new way of thinking is do I need this? Why do I need this? Do I need this today? Do I need this right now?

This allowed me to get away from purchasing things just because they are on sale. That is a very slick selling method. Marking the price down, getting someone to buy it and then of course, once the wallet is open, it is oh so easy to spend more.

If I need to think about it I can use another recent good habit to mull it over. Go and have a walk for an hour.

Having an extra $160.00 per month will really help me in enjoying life. So will the hour-long walk.

Another item recently completed was the hepatitis A & B vaccine.

These little things will all help me enjoy life wherever I spend my time..


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