Recently, I read a book by Paulo Coelho titled “The Alchemist”. A wonderful story. It was all about following your path, following or finding, or creating your “personal legacy”.

In spite of the changes that the world, or life seemingly imposes on us, we are able to pursue our destiny, our personal legacy. And so it is that I am single. Jacqui has chosen to pursue her path in a different direction than my path. Jacqui is a wonderful person. Of course I wish and expect the best of life for her.

So even though life has changed relationally, the plans for my retirement remain the same.I continue to study Spanish with Juan and I still learn from the good blogs of people who have made the move to live in a new country, in Central/ South America … the Americas.

For now, my next trip to the Americas may not be until February 2014. Possibly Nicaragua or Medellin, Colombia. Of course, I am itching to return to Costa Rica … and then of course there is Ecuador too, lol!

So I haven’t decided at this point. If I go to Costa Rica I can travel to Nicaragua or vice versa. So that is an attractive option. I am planning to go for a month.

So those are the options I am mulling over for now.



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