Vacation Season

Winter vacation season is upon us. Jacqui and her daughter will be soaking up the sun in Cuba next week.

The next trip for Jacqui and I will be a year from now. We are planning on a three week trip to Ecuador to learn about Cuenca, Vilcabamba and Salinas. At this point the plan is just at the idea stage. The due diligence of researching and planning hasn’t started yet.

For my part these next couple of weeks will be a good time for me to do taxes, get a lawyer and make contact with a CGA.
I also need to de-clutter some more tools and organize our camping gear. We also need to decide whether we will have our annual camping trip to Algonquin this February. We also will be meeting a financial planner.
Our wedding will be a legal proceeding only, but the legal, financial issues still have to be executed correctly.
The year is going to be busy but once the “life business” is accomplished, that will allow us to devote 2014 & 2015 to planning our retirement and the move to Central America.

It is a very interesting, gratifying process. We know these next 32 months will pass quickly, and all of a sudden our lives will be changed once again. The relocation in 2010 to Upper Canada has served us well in respect to planning this bigger move.


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