Frugal Here VS. Frugal There

In early 2007 I noticed what I now realise were signs of minimalist leanings.On the other side of my personality spectrum I was also a bit of a hoarder. The hoarding was nothing like those horrible reality television shows. It was a lot of saving stuff for who knows what. The slight hoarding issue was resolved quite quickly, thank goodness. Jacqui’s rule of thumb was to only keep items that had been needed within the last week. That was an excellent barometer for getting rid of most of the useless stuff. With regards to the minimalist side I had succeded in never having to throw food away anymore. That was the turning point for me. It seemed to me that in a world where millions starve on a regular basis, throwing away food was tantamount to a crime. Those small victories served to encourage me to develop my frugal, green side, my blooming minimalist side.

Since that day vanloads of stuff has been donated or sent for recycling. The change has been dramatic. For nearly three years I have lived in accomodations of less than four hundred square feet. My current place is 396 square feet. In the bedroom I have the queen bed, two dressers, and two small night tables. In the living room is a table and two chairs, a bookcase, two chaise lounges and two stools … one being used as a plant stand. There is also a small stand with printer and a built-in shelf on the wall for a desk. That area also has an office chair.

The kitchen is small. Really small. How small? 32 sq. ft. Enough said. It works because Jacqui is here every second week. The location is triple A, and the other tenants are similiar in age and lifestyle so noise/partying is not an issue. The landlords are experienced. All in all the place is a plus for now.

The Economics of Minimalism

So here I am enjoying the 396 square feet for $575.00 per month. That works out to $0.6886 per square foot. I have a house in another part of the country that I rent for $1100.00/mo. It is 1300 sq.ft. So it is rented for $0.85/sq.ft.

Now I’m wondering what is a realistic price/size for a rental property in Costa Rica? If I rent a 1,000 sq. ft. house for $700.00/mo it will cost $0.70/sq.ft. The difference would be the size and amenities that the CR property offers. So there will be an increase in the quality of living, but the price will be almost the same. Obviously I am comparing apples to oranges. The properties are not comparable in the least. Here in Canada I do not have a yard or an exterior living space like I would in CR.

I woner if it i possible to find a frugal residence that foots the bill. Hot water is important as is quality internet access.

I have been researching CR for approximately a year. I seek out ex-pats who have made the move that I would like to make.

I have decided that in order to make a successful move to another land it is imperative that the reason for the move is based on a passion. A burning desire to do something. A goal. A raison d’etre.

We believe we may have located a spanish speaker here in our small town to converse with in spanish. It is early in the process but hopefully we will have success in this regard locally. Ottawa is 70 kms to the east, about an hour drive. If we have to we may have to commute there for some spanish immersion. There is a spanish meetup group there. A good place to meet some language immersion partners.


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