10 Minutes Of Writing Freedom

An excellent sleep until seven-thirtyish. Relaxing morning topics. Piping hot porridge with cinnamon and bananas. A delicious thank you to Jacqui! A supper thank you as well Jacquil! Fresh baked chocolate maccaroons filling the room with a delicious scent this evening … thank you Jacqui-Mae. In my defence, I did dishes.

Finally a spanish lesson last night. Good to talk with Juan again, in either language. Of course the happiness of speaking spanish again.

We had a walk of chores today. We went to both banks, the grocery store, and I bought some new boots wth my gift certificates. My first visit to the Salvation Army this year. I bought a book for twenty-five cents. The book is called “Notes to Myself: My struggle to become a person”. It is by Hugh Prather.  A good, pleasant way to exercise body and mind.

My resolution this year is to have as good a year this year as I did last year. And to walk a little. Not a lot, just a little. But everyday. Walking and thinking. Last year was a wonderful year, and this year should be at least as good. We won’t travel this year. We’re re-scheduling it until 2014. That will give me this year to get the last of my debt paid off, not including the mortgage, which will be with me for a little longer.

I enjoyed today.

And I enjoyed writing these 236 words.


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