Another Good Place

Here we are enjoying the morning with a juice and coffee. The juice was Mango Lemon concocted by a natural producer. It is a quality product that sells at a fair price. It is not usually at the cheaper end of the price scale. In light of the new year holidays, the price was lowered by 50%. It is a health oriented, natural product. It has a very good quality/price value relationship  that comparative shopping has revealed. Our buying habits reflect value. We know that quite often the lowest price is not the best value.

In my last post I wrote about a website that provides us with valuable information regarding relocating to Costa Rica … Another good value website that I read and learn from on a regular basis is by Leo Babauta and is found at Zen Habits does attract a high number of regular readers so some of you may be familiar with Leo’s writing already. His writing is well researched. He is the only writer, he does not accept any ads or promotions, and it is uncopyrighted. He does link to other writers or speakers and they  perform at the same high quality that is evident at Zen Habits. His is not a travel page per se but it is about living a good, happy life. He discusses a number of life aims such a health, work, simplicity. There are a number of other subjects too but a visit there will be more helpful than reading about his site here.

Our morning walk is always another good place to be and we have chosen a walk through Stewart Park and environs for this morning. My walks have not been on a regular basis although Jacqui’s regular walks are a good influence on me. I will do the daily walks and they will form the basis of my exercise program. I believe that regular exercise of sensible intensity will allow me to acheive my goal of shedding 25 pounds and firming up in the process. A healthy eating habit paired with limited exercise should still allow me to lose and enjoy!

And todays last good place to mention is work. I will go to work later today. In less than 3 years (October 2015), the pension from the corporation I have worked for will supply me with the pension that will contribute to Jacqui and I conquering the Americas in our own little way.

So we continue on the path. Relax, dream, do.


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