Clean, Clear & A Classic Look

Here we are on the first day of 2013. It has been a very good day. It started slowly with a warm breakfast on a bright, cold sunny day. We did reach our forecasted high of -14 degrees celsius. We walked from our apartment to the south side of town.

Snow sparkling on the Tay River under the bright Canadian winter sky. Our small town one hour west of Ottawa, our nations capital, is situated on the Rideau canal, river, lake system. It is an incredibly pretty natural setting for Perth, Ontario.

Perth has a unique history related to the construction of the Rideau Canal. Perth is a very nice place to live. We really enjoy living here.

Having chosen our destiny we will, once this winter and the next one pass, move to Costa Rica. It is our intention to travel South & Central America.

Now that the plan has a fairly accurate departure date from Canada, I am searching for thoughts or emotions that might cause me to want to stay. Certainly, I am not even remotely concerned that I will have a change in my thinking and decide not to relocate to Central America. Of course, if that possibility exists … now is the time to realise it.

It is 34 months until departure day. There is a lot to do in order to shut our lives down here and move them to Costa Rica, the rich coast. We are fortunate that there is a very good website that details the move of an expatriate couple from Baltimore to Costa Rica in early 2009.

I’s to dot and t’s to cross. Due diligence. We travelled to CR a year ago. Recently we had a two week trip to Colombia that we planned ourselves. We purchased some eyeglasses while there. I also had a cap installed on a tooth while there. It is all about the learning. Every trip or holiday will be a lesson towards the goal.

Paz, amor y felicadad.


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