It’s A Good Thing We Are Learning Spanish!

Why? Because English is so damn confusing! Oh sure, it’s easy for us who’s mother tongue is English. What about all those non-Mother tongue English speakers?

For example: If I say, “I read the book today.”. That could mean two things, couldn’t it? It could mean I “read” the book as in “reed”. Like as in right now! Or it could mean I “read” as in “red” the book! Like I just read it a minute ago or ages ago. I am so glad I dont have to learn English!

All of a sudden, learning Spanish seems less difficult … or somewhat less difficult than it seemed before. But! I never noticed the read, reed, red issue, until I started studying Spanish. As soon as I get Spanish grammer down to a science, I’ll then start on English grammer. No commitment there!

Why would you be concerned about English grammer when you are a native born English speaker? Well, I think about teaching Spanish! Now I notice things about English, especially when I am trying to build statements in Spanish. That is when English starts to become questionable to me!

Yikes! (Yikes is an international word).

So …

¡Estamos aprendiendo a hablar español! We are learning to speak spanish.

In other exciting news … the homemade laundry soap that Jacqui and I made nearly a year ago is going further than we ever expected. We have hardly made a dent in the amount we mixed up! We won’t have to buy any laundry detergent for years.

Moi, the humble writer has also been very concious about spending/not spending. This will allow us to really enjoy our upcoming trip to Colombia in November. Being disciplined concious spenders also allows us to be able to afford our wonderful Spanish tutor/teacher, Juan. We are very pleased with our lessons with Juan and we hope that we all stay in this area for at least another three years. The three years will allow us to take the time to learn. Combined with our other spanish learning habits, we should be somewhat proficient by the time we make a move in 2016/17.

There are some good values for pre-Christmas clearouts if somebody is looking to buy. I am not looking to buy so there will be a wonderful deal for somebody else. Spending money on the things that really mean something to my life passions is the only wonderful “deal” there is for me! Hopefully the same is true for all of us!

I wish you all the best. Remember: every day is thanksgiving day!



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