Colombia Here We Come!

I can hardly wait! In less than 59 days Jacqui and I will have just arrived in Bogota for our two week visit. We are fortunate that we will be staying in the furnished but vacant apartment of an acquaintance while there.

It is an incredible opportunity to be staying in a real Bogota neighbourhood and experiencing that life as it really is. This experience is actually research. It is our due diligence in preparation for our move to Central or South America, once retired. It is not something we do lightly! We insist on living our lives with focus and purpose.

This is where we are coming from. This past January 2012 we went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We stayed at a beautiful resort in Guanacaste, Sol Papagayo. We had an incredible time. While there we did a tour to Nicaragua-Granada, Masaya, and a boat tour on Lago Nicaragua. The other tour we went on was the Rooftops of the Rainforest in Monte Verde. We also toured a coffee plantation on that tour. It was all very interesting & enjoyable!

We were all set to return to Costa Rica this November. Then my daughter and her boyfriend had an opportunity to go to Bogota for 4 months. So now Jacqui and I will go to Bogota for two weeks instead of Costa Rica. Three countries in one year! Even better three Spanish speaking countries!

We do read a number of blogs written by ex-patriots who are successful in living outside of their native countries. One of the first pieces of advice they give is to learn Spanish. We have been learning from a tutor for the past two months. Conveniently enough, our tutor is also from the Bogota area. We are learning about Bogota and Colombia while we learn Spanish. A tutor is well worth the money.

Well it is time to study some Spanish. Good luck with your projects!



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