The Gift of Life


Closer To The Lake

Once again life’s journey has presented an opportunity.

I will be moving Lyra to Waupoos for the winter and the 2018 sailing season. This is great news! I will be eight hours closer to eastern Lake Ontario. I will have Kingston and the islands at my doorstep. The marina there is a full service facility suited for sailboats! I would have preferred to stay on Big Island at Baycrest. However Baycrest may not even have any boats for next seasons sailing. It is just too unpredictable. I will still be able to run and ride.

I am looking forward to my new adventure!

Today Is A No Run Day!

Today is a no run day. The 11 km run yesterday was a slight improvement as far as speed is concerned. I could feel it in my leg muscles last night and today. I should run only every second day, but I continue to run most days. I usually have a break after 2 or 3 days of running, but not always. Sometimes I run every day for a couple of weeks or more. However I am starting to take a “recovery” day more often. I am still not eating correctly which is the reason that I am still maintaining weight in spite of the running. That is not going to continue! I am running because of my core value beliefs in health.

Talk the talk, walk the walk!

Run, Run, Run!

Yesterdays run was 9 kms in 65 minutes. Todays run was 11 kms in 77 minutes. Issues continue to present themselves. The more I run, the more issues there are. Like having to have a crap when I am 3 kms. away from everything! Carry a kit. Never mind!

Weather wise it was a great day for physical activity. Running for example. It was a cooler day today which made it comfortable. The way my body feels while I run is very predictable. Between the tenth and fifteenth minutes of running my body adjusts. This is when I get minor rib cramps or other insignificant physical stimuli.

Sunday Run July 30, 2017.

Yesterday was a no run day. Today I ran 9 kms. in 65 minutes. I ran from the start to Sprague Lake then to Allison Rd. and back to my start. It was a beautiful run, nice and quiet. There was a surprise delay in the form of an unexpected bathroom emergency at the most distant point from any facilities. It was quite inconvenient and it shortened my run slightly. No blisters though.

My average is 7.22 minutes per km. today. Down by 9 seconds. Still a long way to go to get it down to 5 minutes per kilometre. Plenty of room for improvement.

Hardcore Wanna Be!

So this is how the running life has played out! Today I ran for 90 minutes, a distance of 12.3 kms. It was all on the forgiving west end. The temperature had dropped overnight and there was a constant breeze coming off the bay.

When I returned to running after two days off I had two days of running for 90 minutes and about 12 kms. Yesterday I ran for half an hour for 6 kms. Even though I had said that I wanted to avoid doing a short run every second day, it is a schedule that works well health wise. I drank a 500 ml bottle of water before I started today’s run. I also had a 250 ml bottle of apple juice for the hour mark on the run. I also am very gently and slowly starting to pick up the pace a bit. That process will require my focus and concentration. Currently I am running at a rate of 1 km every 7.5 minutes. It should be at 5 minutes per km. That means that I need to run the 12 kms. in 61 minutes instead of 90 minutes. It is nearly 5 weeks until the race on August 31, 2017.

I saw a pair of cyclists and then a single bike. I also saw the Canada Post Delivery car and maybe 5 or 6 other cars. Today was a warm, breezy day.

Run Baby Run!

The running program is coming along well with the consistent effort. I became serious about running this season as of July 12, 2017. I had been running all season but without a definite goal in mind. So choosing to run in The Glen Tay Block Race has defined my running program.

I ran everyday from July 12, 2017 until July 23, 2017. I did not run on the 24th &  25th of July due to a blister issue. The blister was a result of upping my running goals. I was able to increase my daily running time from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The silver lining is that now I have learned about blisters. I am actively dealing with it/them and back running again.

Today I ran for 01:25, one hour and 25 minutes. Distance run was 11.6 kms. Yesterday’s run was a time of 01:10, one hour and ten minutes, with a distance of 9.6 kms. Slowly I am increasing my running speed even though I am not focused on that presently. I am pleased that my times are over one hour. Even better, my running time is usually around 90 minutes. I feel good!

Running longer than one hour has presented the opportunity to learn how to cope with that time/distance. Currently, I am not doing walk warmups anymore. I start my runs with a slow run initially. After 20 minutes of running I am fully warmed up. I suspect that dopamine has flooded my system well before 20 minutes has passed. I do require extra energy consumption around the hour mark. I carry a 500ml bottle of water on my race. I have started to carry two 250ml bottles with juice of some flavour. The results are noticeable. The increase in energy is immediate and pleasurable.

I have to decide how many days to run. Right now I intend to run for two days and take the third day off. I know how difficult it will be to discipline myself NOT to run! There is also the option of running everyday. That would require some days of shorter runs and I would like to avoid that at least until I run the race. So for now that is what I will do.

One of the aspects I enjoy very much is the area I run in. It is naturally pristine. I live on an island in eastern Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte area. The island I live on is small, very unpopulated and incredibly beautiful. The abundance of species also adds to the quality of the natural environment. I have two running courses. The west end and the east end. Both are reasonably lenient, even for a newer runner like myself. The east run has a hill that is good practice. The west run is a flatter route. It is very pretty as it hugs the shore of the bay. Because of the bay there is a good breeze and also there is a lack of bugs.

My life is astounding! Enough said!